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Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Economics have always been the leading advisors on medicine and practice management. By combining 110 years of serving this market with up-to-the-minute knowledge of veterinarians’ needs and behaviors we’ll continue to be the source of efficient, engaging, learning experiences for veterinarians.

Welcome to Vetted.

Veterinary Medicine + Veterinary Economics, shaken, not stirred.

Mindy Valcarcel, Medicine Channel Director

Mindy Valcarcel, Medicine Channel Director

Where we’re going…

Online! OK, Veterinary Medicine is already there at, but now we’ll really be there. If you hadn’t noticed our introduction of the Essentials this year, here are, well, the essentials: Online, we are giving you an ever- expanding resource that will capture the details you need for any disease or condi- tion or other veterinary clinical concern—and we’ll continually update them.

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