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Vet+Pet West: The paradigm-shifting event that—for the first time ever—will unite multiple facets of the pet care world under one roof!

Dec. 13-16, 2018

Pet owners are driving change, blurring the lines between traditional veterinary care and pet retail. As the needs of pet owners evolve, the industry must also come together and embrace their needs.

Vet+Pet West brings a wide spectrum of animal care under one roof for the first time. This paradigm-shifting, multi-pronged convention and expo hosted in San Diego will address the needs of the entire animal care market: Veterinary professionals, pet retail and engaged pet owners. This unique opportunity is being launched by UBM Animal Care and NAVC, recognized leaders with deep roots in pet care.

Vet+Pet West delivers:

All the touchpoints in pet health, together under one roof, for the first time ever

Appropriate education for all three audiences from the same thought leaders who educate veterinarians

Unprecedented opportunities to break down barriers and bridge gaps

Access to certification programs that help each audience better understand the human health benefits of pet ownership and reduce fear and anxiety in pets

The opportunity to address all three groups and each on its own

Curated, high-engagement, high-energy expo floors that highlight the intersection between innovation, technology and hot trends

Bottom line: We’re really looking for ways to help you connect in more meaningful ways and do more business. We’ll see you there.

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