Rake in the love

Support the 4 pillars

Early mornings, late nights and standing on your feet all day. If you could get a 15 minute massage, a free lunch from the conference or a cold bottle of water on your walk back to the hotel, you’d be grateful, right? You’d remember that support. We can help you be that kind of hero for attendees. Invest in experiences—win hearts and minds.

Nurture: Caring for the caregivers

Care for the caregivers with support for elements like yoga, chair massages, healthy snacks, or the meditation room.

Inspire: Giving veterinary professionals a lift

Bring in a keynote speaker to inspire attendees, support giveaways that build excitement, or add an experiential element to the exhibit hall.

Connect: Building meaningful connections

Sponsor a party, reception, outing or networking event for attendees.

Equip: Boosting focus & driving change

Provide tools, workbooks, or other take-away benefits to extend the educational experience and help attendees get new ideas into action.

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