Sponsored Social Media

According to the 2014 What Do Veterinarians Think study, 81.7% of veterinary professional use social media in their daily lives. More than 68% of these professionals use social media at least once a day and 41% do so several times a day.

Two distinct programs help social marketers deliver messages to active social media users.

  • @dvm360 Social Media Bundle
    With 14,000 Facebook likes and 15,000 Twitter followers. Our Social Media Bundle offers marketers a platform for engaging with sponsored tweets and posts to this highly social audience. It is an easy way to take advantage of social media with the dvm360 social media team at your side.
  • Social Media Toolkit
    The dvm360 Social Media Toolkits offer veterinary professionals a free library of pre-written posts and tweets in over 20 categories targeted to pet owners. In 2013, this content reached over 1,000,000 pet owners. The social media toolkit program gives marketers the opportunity for provide social media practices with branded content for pet owners for delivery on Facebook and Twitter.
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