Reproduction Requirements

1. Digital data is required for all ad submissions.
Preferred format is PDF/X-1a. Note that a standard PDF is not a preferred format, files should be a PDF/X-1a which is a PDF subset specific to printing. Publisher shall have no obligation or liability to Advertiser of any kind (including, without limitation, the obligation to offer Advertiser make goods or any other form of compensation) if an ad is supplied to Publisher by Advertiser in any format other than our preferred formats. Non-preferred or non-acceptable formats will be charged a $150 processing fee. All files should be built to exact ad space dimensions purchased. For detailed instructions on preparing PDF/X-1a files and submitting ad files to the correct size, go to ads.ubm.com or contact the production manager.
2. Publisher will not supply a faxed or soft proof for Advertiser-supplied files.
Advertiser is solely responsible for preflighting and proofing all advertisements prior to submission to Publisher. If Publisher detects an error before going to press, Publisher will make a reasonable effort to contact Advertiser to give Advertiser an opportunity to correct and resubmit Advertiser’s file before publication.
3. Accepted Methods of Delivery:
The preferred method of delivering ad files to UBM is via a Web-based ad portal, ads.ubm.com. Also, copy your account manager on all email communications.
4. Issuance: Monthly
5. Closing Dates: Monthly
6. Rate Protection: 2017 rates are protected through December 31, 2017.








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