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Fueled by a passion to support a worthy profession and influence necessary change, the UBM Life Sciences, Veterinary portfolio delivers the complete range of information that veterinary professionals need to succeed. News, medicine, business insights, and team training mix with practical, in-the-trenches tips, the advice of respected experts, into-action tools, and thought leadership that’s unparalleled.

 “We engage our readers through relevant, integrated, and effective media and face-to-face programs that generate more than 1.4 million touch points a month in every medium in which they seek professional information. “ says Vice President/Managing Director Becky Turner Chapman.

And in an era when our audience – your customers – can choose how they receive information, we provide you, our customers, with the kind of accurate, multi-platform audience data reporting that is a necessity, not a luxury.  

To deliver that information, we have partnered with the Alliance for Audited Media, AAM (formally known as Audit Bureau of Circulations, ABC).   Their understanding of how people consume content in a multi-media world, and their ability to qualify and confirm those audiences across platforms, is consistent with our fully integrated products and platforms. Together, we will provide the accurate and detailed reporting you need to confirm your return on your investment in veterinary media.

The leaders behind our brands help practice teams impact the lives of pets and the people who care for them, and when they do, the data shows that the market moves.

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