If you’re not advertising in Firstline, you’re not reaching the veterinary team members – professional practice managers and credentialed veterinary technicians – who impact pet owner purchasing decisions in veterinary clinics every day.


The professional, experienced veterinary team members you want to reach

With an audience of over 32,500 professional and experienced veterinary team members, Firstline reaches more professional team members and hospital managers than other publications serving the veterinary team.  And our audit numbers enable you to know exactly who is seeing your advertising. 


The solutions, information, and guidance they use

Bridging the gap between good advice and implementation, Firstline educates, motivates, and influences the key team members

Delivering Solutions







How influential are Firstline readers?

Practice manager and technician involvement in product purchase decisions continues to trend upward, and Firstline’s circulation, readership, and impact among this influential group make it your logical first choice to reach them.

  • 68% of practice managers are involved in the selection of new equipment/software.
  • 59% of practice managers drive the hospital’s purchase of parasiticides.
  • 63% of veterinary technicians influence pet owner financing, wellness, and insurance decisions.
  • 56% of veterinary technicians guide the hospital’s choice of biologicals.

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Firstline has a passion for the development of strong veterinary teams, supporting their medical commitment with tools that help deliver compassionate client and patient care and their personal commitment to doing the work they love while building a lifetime career.

*Firstline magazine is audited by AAM.

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