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The dvm360 family of eNewsletters offers marketers the perfect way to target our top audience segments.

Our eNewsletters have been requested by 162,400 professionals providing marketers with the largest available reach to veterinary professionals. Our list is updated every month to ensure your digital campaign is delivered to the most receptive audience possible.

Most targeted audience segments.

  • dvm360 FullCircle
  • Products360
  • Equine360
  • Student360
  • Medicine360
  • Business360
  • HospitalDesign360
  • Firstline360

By the numbers, veterinarians that spend more than…

  • $15K annually on heartworm preventives — 49%1
  • $15K annually on flea/tick products — 50%1
  • $15K annually on antibiotics — 46%1
  • $15K annually on vaccines/biologicals — 48%1
  • $10K annually on pain medication — 46%1

The most innovative media including exclusive video content, interactive quizzes, web-only articles, archives of educational content, and a community keenly interested in working together to improve the delivery of exceptional patient care and excellent customer service.

    • Highest engagement* (measured by open rates)
    • Highest overall click-through rates*

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