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Pre-show checklist for exhibitors


☑ Reserve your hotel rooms and make your travel plans

☑ Airline reservations
☑ Hotel reservations

☑ Certificate of insurance

☑ Order exhibitor badges

☑ Order your general contractor services

☑ Exhibitor-appointed contractor
☑ Carpet rental (carpeting required in booth)
☑ Furniture rental
☑ Signs (production and hanging)
☑ Labor

☑ Order your utilities and vendor services

☑ Telephone and Internet service
☑ Audio visual services
☑ Plants and floral

☑ Ship your materials to arrive on time!

☑ Freight handling

☑ Promote and advertise

☑ Sponsorship opportunities
☑ Lead retrieval services

☑ Create goals for your sales team

☑ Hold a meeting with your staff for their opinions and feedback
☑ Spend time talking with your customers about their needs
☑ Know what is happening and selling in your area of the industry by doing your homework—note price points of competitors
☑ Begin making appointments with your customers


☑ Projections, sales goals, appointment calendar

☑ Business cards—keep them with you even during social events

☑ Notebook, pens, and calculators

☑ Order sheets

☑ Phone book—you never know who you might have to call when you are far from home

☑ Stapler and extra staples

☑ Tote bag or briefcase to store all orders

☑ Cell phone and changer

☑ Laptop for checking e-mail and working orders at night


☑ Pick up your on-site materials and badge at the exhibitor registration desk

☑ Arrive early to set up and have time to relax before the show opens

☑ Review the scheduled break times, your appointment schedule, and map out any seminars of interest

☑ Don’t be shy or seem closed off to attendees—attendees are less likely to approach a booth where the staff member is seated in the back of the booth and appears to be uninterested in speaking with them

☑ Write your orders at the show—it can be overwhelming to try to do them when you return home

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