Digital Specs and Requirements

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Web ads for

A 5-day lead time prior to the scheduled live date is required for all standard (non-rich media) banners.

Rich-media assets require a 10-day lead time.


Formats Accepted for Desktop or Mobile Ads: JPG, GIF, PNG, or Rich Media. All ads must be 72 dpi RGB images. Third-party tags are required for all rich media, and must be SSL compliant, as rich media is not site served.


Desktop Ads

  • Leaderboard: 728 x 90 pixels; 60k maximum file size
  • Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 pixels: 60k maximum file size
  • Skyscraper: 160 x 600 pixels; 40k maximum file size
  • Small Rectangle: 300 x 100 pixels; 40k maximum file size


Mobile Ads

  • 300×250 medium rectangle, 40k maximum file size
  • 300×50 mobile banner, 40k maximum file size


A backup image for any rich media ad is required.

  • Format: JPG, GIF, PNG
  • Size: 40k max.


Desktop Rich Media Big expandable banner:

960 x 35 expanding to 960 x 450

  • On initial page load:
    Ad automatically expands down upon initial page load, displays for a maximum of seven (7) seconds, then retracts automatically. Automatic drop down of ad is limited to one time per day per user.
  • Click through: Clickable links must open in new tab/window. Please follow click through tracking instructions of the rich media ad hosting platform you use.
  • Panel initiation: User click expands ad to play, no mouse over allowed.
  • Panel Closing: A specifically defined close button the user clicks on retracts the ad, no mouse out allowed. A close button must be present in all instances of ad expansion.
  • Back up: GIF required
  • Auto Initiated Load: Expansion – 80 KB maximum
  • User Initiated Load: Expansion – 1MB maximum


When Submitting Rich Media


General Requirements:

  • A linking URL must be provided with creative.
  • Animated GIF ads must be slower than 5 FPS
  • Maximum number of panels: 4
  • Maximum weight per panel: 60k



  • Maximum panel expansion sizes:
    • 728×90 to 728×315
    • 160×600 to 600×600
    • 300×250 to 600×250
  • Panel Initiation: User click
  • Panel Closing: User click
  • Close Button Requirements: Close or skip for all interstitials, and close for expanding ad units.
  • Panel Expansion Direction:
    • 728×90: down
    • 160×600: right
    • 300×250: left
  • 20% average CPU usage accepted, sustained spikes over 70% will be rejected.
  • Data Collection: Requires clear opt-in language to indicate to whom the user is submitting information.
  • Hotspot: Not to exceed 1/4 size of ad. Initiated when cursor rests on hotspot for at least 1 sec. Must NOT initiate audio.
  • A backup image must also be provided. Be sure all primary information is on 1st frame of .gifs.
  • Accepted formats: JPG, PNG, GIF
  • Size: 40 KB (desktop, tablet, mobile)


Video Requirements:

  • HTML5 ads with embedded video must be 24 fps or slower (18 fps recommended)
  • Acceptable Formats: MP4, OGG, WebM for multi-browser compatibility
  • Maximum Video Weight: 1.2 MB
  • Auto initiated load/expansion: 1 MB max
  • Audio: Must be user initiated
  • Video: Can be host or user initiated, and must have a start feature
  • Maximum play time: 30 seconds
  • Required Controls: audio, play, pause, mute, unmute


Please Note: We no longer accept Flash assets for


Libraries and assets such as jQuery, Greensock, Font files, CSS etc. cannot be hosted on shared domains and must be uploaded and served by the approved third party vendor. Example: If you are using jQuery in the ad and the file is loading from “” —this will not be accepted. The jQuery file needs to be hosted by the 3rd party platform used.


Other Recommendations

To avoid/remove unnecessary jQuery calls, consider using Web API and Vanilla Javascript.


Avoid animation effects that are CPU intensive, avoid or reduce the usage of:

  • Loops and timers
  • setInterval
  • setTimeout
  • requestAnimationFrame
  • Minimize DOM access
  • Avoid eval() to avoid security risks
  • Avoid global variables


If providing Rich Media HTML and other Assets to UBM in Order to Have Third-Party Tags Created: Please do not minify your files. This will help us greatly during our QA process, in order to ensure that everything renders correctly.


If providing Rich Media HTML ads with Third-Party Ad Tags:

  • Have third party tracking tags implemented via IFRAME / Javascript tags to redirect to a third party server.
  • Minifying files makes a huge difference and can help improve performance. Please consider minifying HTML, CSS and JS using a suitable minifier of your choice



e-Newsletter ads


For all e-news ads: Formats accepted are GIF, PNG, JPG. You must also provide one live click URL.

Leaderboard: 728 x 90 pixels, 30kb maximum file size

Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 pixels, 30kb maximum file size (available in dvm360 Full Circle only)

Skyscraper: 160 x 600 pixels, 30k maximum file size (not available in dvm360 Full Circle)

Banner: 468 x 60 pixels, 30k maximum file size

Button: 120 x 60 pixels, 20k maximum file size (for a double-wide: 240×60 pixels)


If third-party, only Click URL and 1×1 pixel tracker accepted with GIF, PNG or JPG


Sponsored Product or Text Ad:

Text ad placements require each of the following items:

  • Text header: 60 characters (including spaces)
  • Body text: 75 words
  • One JPG image that is 100×100 pixels, 40 KB maximum file size
  • One Live Click URL
  • Please include a call-to-action (CTA) or indicate which text is to be linked to your URL


Newsletter due dates: All assets must be provided no later than seven (7) days prior to the scheduled issue date.


Submitting Ads

While copying your sales representative, please e-mail all assets to:

  1. Website & e-Newsletter ad images along with click URLs to:

  1. dvm360 Products Directory all images and text go to:

Lauren Walke

By | Staff


What is your special power?
I wrangle many moving parts to help pull the CVC conferences together. I have a hand in everything from our amazing CVC speakers to floorplans and signage. I find so much enjoyment in working with passionate people and pulling off a such a meaningful event.

What makes you tick?
My wonderful husband/ best friend who continuously pushes me to be a better version of me. Our two dogs and cat who are my little shadows and adventure buddies. I crave exploring new places and meeting extraordinary people while absorbing all I can from them.

What is your spirit animal?
A moose because they’re unapologetically curious and constantly exploring. Although they are sometimes portrayed as goofy, they are larger than life and can mean business when they need to.

Anne Belcher

By | Staff


What is your special power?
I have the power to organize anything given to me.

What makes you tick?
My special interests are scrapbooking, 80’s and 90’s Boy Bands, the color NAVY, knowing all about Celebrities, my boys and talking.

What is your spirit animal?
My spirit animal is the Hummingbird because I am independent, adaptable, resilient, joyful and playful.

Sarah Dowdy

By | Staff


What is your special power?
Writing, editing and excessive snacking are my special workplace talents.

What makes you tick?
Any time spent with my husband is the best time. He has the endearing ability to transform a trip to the grocery store for plastic forks into a genuinely fun outing. When we’re already stocked on disposable utensils, we enjoy perusing used bookstores, watching black and white movies from the likes of the Marx Brothers and Buster Keaton, becoming familiar faces at Indian food buffets, and taking any opportunity to be outside. On a physiological level, however, the answer to what makes me tick is coffee.

What is your spirit animal?
My maiden name is Mouton, which means “sheep” in French, so I’ve always felt a kindred connection to the wooly creatures. With my unruly mane and affinity for mountainous escapades, I’d be a Lincoln Longwool with a New Zealand address.

Patty Yeradi

By | Staff


What is your special power?
I sell exhibit space, marketing opportunities and sponsorships for The CVC.

What makes you tick?
My kids, my husband, my Airedale terriers, our black cat, and our Ragdoll kittens With that many animals, I am also a fan of the vacuum cleaner. Add to the list is my great niece, Violet, who is my mini-me. She loves Aunt Patty. We go to the park, blow bubbles, pick flowers, read, do puzzles and have fun. Violet is two and a half and will be a big sister in November. I love to cook, entertain, flower and herb garden. I also craft, love to read, learn new things and hang with friends and family. I love our pets and spend a lot of time throwing sticks for the dogs and pipe cleaners for the cats! And, I also run the vacuum quite a bit!

What is your spirit animal?
The Jayhawk, of course!

Angie Homann

By | Staff


What is your special power?
Sales, sales, and more SALES! My responsibility covers print, digital, custom projects and sponsorships at CVC. Everything except booth space, although I used to do that too.

What makes you tick?
I LOVE to dance…especially the salsa and country variety (why hasn’t Dancing with the Stars called me?). Spending quality time with friends and family.  Laughing and taking trips to the beach.  If I can incorporate all those into one trip, BONUS!

What is your spirit animal?
Can ninja be considered an animal?

Angela Paulovcin

By | Staff


What is your special power?
Being able to stretch my clients’ budgeted dollars to their absolute maximum potential so that they can invest in promoting themselves as well as their products and/or services across our various veterinary channels..

What makes you tick?
I’m a lover of anything strange and unusual but I’m definitely all over the board.. Some of my random interests include: Watching and collecting classic B- movies, finding and collecting random novelty items, accoutrements,  and  “As Seen On T.V. Products,”  holistic medicine and alternative healing, attending music festivals during the summertime months (nothing beats camping and music). And if something glitters, glows, or changes colors then I must have it (I know, I know I’m just like an 8 year old little girl or something).

What is your spirit animal?
The Puppy monkey baby.