Sarah Dowdy

By May 23, 2016Staff


What is your special power?
Writing, editing and excessive snacking are my special workplace talents.

What makes you tick?
Any time spent with my husband is the best time. He has the endearing ability to transform a trip to the grocery store for plastic forks into a genuinely fun outing. When we’re already stocked on disposable utensils, we enjoy perusing used bookstores, watching black and white movies from the likes of the Marx Brothers and Buster Keaton, becoming familiar faces at Indian food buffets, and taking any opportunity to be outside. On a physiological level, however, the answer to what makes me tick is coffee.

What is your spirit animal?
My maiden name is Mouton, which means “sheep” in French, so I’ve always felt a kindred connection to the wooly creatures. With my unruly mane and affinity for mountainous escapades, I’d be a Lincoln Longwool with a New Zealand address.