Patty Yeradi

By May 23, 2016Staff


What is your special power?
I sell exhibit space, marketing opportunities and sponsorships for The CVC.

What makes you tick?
My kids, my husband, my Airedale terriers, our black cat, and our Ragdoll kittens With that many animals, I am also a fan of the vacuum cleaner. Add to the list is my great niece, Violet, who is my mini-me. She loves Aunt Patty. We go to the park, blow bubbles, pick flowers, read, do puzzles and have fun. Violet is two and a half and will be a big sister in November. I love to cook, entertain, flower and herb garden. I also craft, love to read, learn new things and hang with friends and family. I love our pets and spend a lot of time throwing sticks for the dogs and pipe cleaners for the cats! And, I also run the vacuum quite a bit!

What is your spirit animal?
The Jayhawk, of course!