Angela Paulovcin

By May 23, 2016Staff


What is your special power?
Being able to stretch my clients’ budgeted dollars to their absolute maximum potential so that they can invest in promoting themselves as well as their products and/or services across our various veterinary channels..

What makes you tick?
I’m a lover of anything strange and unusual but I’m definitely all over the board.. Some of my random interests include: Watching and collecting classic B- movies, finding and collecting random novelty items, accoutrements,  and  “As Seen On T.V. Products,”  holistic medicine and alternative healing, attending music festivals during the summertime months (nothing beats camping and music). And if something glitters, glows, or changes colors then I must have it (I know, I know I’m just like an 8 year old little girl or something).

What is your spirit animal?
The Puppy monkey baby.